March 2017 | My Travel Makeup Bag

I’ve got quite a few holidays coming up, starting with Marrakech, Morocco!  As someone who has such a large cosmetics collection, I find it incredibly difficult to pack lightly when I travel.  I love options, but I also hate lugging around too much so I thought I would share what makes it into my travel makeup bag!

I typically travel with most of my makeup in this Muji makeup bag (newer version here).  One of my eyeliners broke in it so I might actually need to get a new one, but it has served me well and just fits everything I need to do a daily makeup look.


I don’t think I bring any other eyeshadow palette around with me besides my Urban Decay Naked Basics.  It just fits all my needs and is small and portable!  Other than that some brow product, eye liners and mascara usually does the trick.


I typically see what samples I have on hand to save some space, here I have some primers and concealer.  As I am on holiday I love keeping my makeup relatively simple as you can see below with all my complexion products.


Keeping it simple this trip with just my favorite Dior Lip Glow for the day and Charlotte Tilbury’s Matte Revolution in Glastonberry for a bit more of an evening look.


This is my typical go-to travel makeup brush set, which includes a powder brush and a variety of eye brushes.  Finally I also bring my Hakuhodo retractable brush, which is perfect for just everyday purse use.


A little trick to prevent all your powders from breaking, which on it’s own is sad, but keeps your carry case from a sad mess too!


That’s it and ready to go!  With everything here I am usually easily able to create all sorts of day and night looks.  What do you keep in your travel makeup bag?


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