I have recently relocated to Bloomington, Indiana and specialise in dynamic vinyasa flows. Sessions with me will be fun and challenging and you will be encouraged to play, explore and test your boundaries both physically and mentally.

Before finding yoga, I loved dipping my toes in a variety of different activities including martial arts, aerial, dancing and rock climbing. In the last few years my focus has been pole dancing and rock climbing, and yoga has been the perfect accompaniment to all of them for strength in flexibility, but also as a mental healer for stress and anxiety.

Private (1 : 1)

Yoga teaching was originally done one-on-one and can be incredibly beneficial to your practice whether you are just starting out or have been practicing for a while.

For those just starting out, it is a safe space to learn the technical aspects of yoga poses and modifications suitable for your individual needs, as well as to get acquainted with terminology so you can go into a class setting with confidence.

Have an established practice? This can be an opportunity to further refine your practice with individualised attention – building technique, strength and/or flexibility required for more “advanced” postures, or simply enjoy the chance to be adjusted and assisted throughout a sequence taking you deeper into your yoga than you get in a group setting.

Private sessions typically are 60/75/90 mins depending on your preference and can be conducted from your home or virtually or another suitable space.

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