2016 | 3-day Norway Hiking trip (Bergen)

Armed with my new mirrorless camera, the Panasonic Lumix GX80, and my backpack filled with supplies, I spent 3 days “off-the-grid” with 17 of my MBA mates hiking in Norway. I was worried about my first real hiking and experience and it definitely proved to be a challenge, but now I’m hooked and ready for my next adventure!

We flew into Bergen, Norway and drove about an hour out to Alexander  Grieghytten to begin our hike!  Our itinerary was:

Day 1: Alexander Greghytten (cabin) to Vending cabin ~5k

Day 2: Vending cabin to Gullhorgabu (cabin) ~12k

Day 3: Gullhorgabu to Bergsdalen to Lid ~12k

Information can be found here!

A few of us arrived the day before to take advantage of the opportunity to check out Bergen and have a good nights rest before the hike.  The hike was about 30km and a good challenge for newbies like myself to challenge my fitness ability and still enjoy the breathtaking beauty I was surrounded by.  I was a bit worried about the hike, so definitely was a little bit over-prepared and have written a post on packing tips for hiking newbies.

Photo Diary:

Day 0: Spending a day in Bergen before the hike!
Day 1: Vending cabin here we come!
Day 1: Still fresh at the start of the hike


Day 1: Group shot with the amazing weather


Day 1: Stopping for a quick breather and enjoying this view


Day 1: Vending Cabin!
Day 1: Can’t get lost with these signs!


Day 1: Beautiful sunset as we settle in for the night
Day 2: Suns out! Lets get started


Day 2: Careful crossing


Day 2:  Love this chica!


Day 2: Surreal backdrop


Day 2: Oh there was snow too!


Day 2: Getting a bit cloudy…


Day 2: End of the pack buddy!
Day 2: Quick break for another group shot!


Day 3: Found the trail marker!


Day 3: Relfection…


Day 3: Not a person in sight


Day 3: You can see the clouds on the ground!
Day 3: Everyone wanted to be in the picture too
Day 3: Last day




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