perfume collection

Welcome to my perfume collection!  I put this together so those interested in any perfumes I acquire and review in the future will know what my tastes are.  I’ve also added some stories to go along with why I love them so much…some have much more meaning to me than others.

Last update: November 2018

Dolce & Gabbana light blue

Dolce & Gabbana light blue – Dreaming in Portofino

Dolce & Gabbana rose the one

Issey Miyake L’eau d’Issey

Chloe Eau de Parfum

Ralph Lauren Romance

I bought this when I was 18 on my way to Taipei to spend the summer learning Chinese.  Every time I wear this I am reminded of all the wonderful memories from that summer, the people, the food, and my first taste of living aboard.  This such a timeless perfume and one of the earlier additions to my collection.

Jo Malone Wood Sage & Sea Salt

This has been on my wish list for years when I finally decided to take the plunge during my first big trip during the MBA over the Christmas holidays.  Not the scent I had originally intended to buy, but instantly fell in love with how different it was to the rest of my collection, but was exactly what I wanted.

Jo Malone English Fields – Poppy & Barley (Limited Edition)

Jo Malone Star Magnolia (Limited Edition)

Jo Malone Bloomsbury – Leather & Artemisa (Limited Edition)

Jo Malone Bloomsbury – Tobacco & Mandarin (Limited Edition)

Jo Malone Bloomsbury – Garden Lilies (Limited Edition)

Maison Margiela Replica Flower Market 

My best friends from LA got for me this as a 27th birthday gift.  I love the idea of this entire line as smells for are often reminiscent of certain times, places, or events in my life.  Hoping to make this my 2nd year MBA scent.

Diptyque Paris Do Son (eau de parfume)

I had a sample of this that I used during my snowboarding trip last december and absolutely fell in love with it, but the pricetag put me off buying it.  During my trip to Paris my friend and I decided to reward ourselves after a stressful month of recruiting and ended up with matching scents

Diptyque Paris Eau Rose Roll-on


Previously Owned:

  • Versace Bright Crystal
  • Ralph Lauren Romance – Always Yours