Fitness Update and Favorites | February 2017

I cannot believe it is 2017, let alone already the end of February.  The day after I was back from holiday in  January I hit the ground running with the gym.  First class back was BJJ and it was tough, but I loved being back at it!  The last 6 months of 2016 showed me all I needed was the right activities to keep me motivated and I was determined to continue the trend.

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2016 | Holiday Gift Ideas for Her

It’s that time of year again where we spend our free time looking for the perfect gifts for our loved ones.  I know I am constantly browsing the web for some helpful ideas on what limited edition holiday gifts are out there or the perfect gifts for travel-obsessed or beauty-obsessed.  Any of these gifts would make me feel so special.  There is everything from the stocking stuffer to the gift for a special someone.

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Anti-Reflective Glasses

After university I easily spent 8+ hours staring at a screen everyday at work.  My optometrist year after year would tell me how my eyes were being strained and asked that I take more breaks at work to take off the stress.  The strain on my eyes caused them to be red, watery, and dry.  So to take some stress off my eyes, I had my prescription glasses made with anti-glare/anti-reflective coating and also own a non-prescriptive pair that are especially for looking at screens.

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