Fitness Update and Favorites | February 2017

I cannot believe it is 2017, let alone already the end of February.  The day after I was back from holiday in  January I hit the ground running with the gym.  First class back was BJJ and it was tough, but I loved being back at it!  The last 6 months of 2016 showed me all I needed was the right activities to keep me motivated and I was determined to continue the trend.

It is never too late to start a resolution and if you are wondering about my fitness journey, check out my post on My Fitness Story and 5 Tips for Keeping to Fitness Resolutions!

I am still constantly lugging around a ridiculously large gym bag everywhere with me and my hamper is more than 50% gym clothes, but I love it.


  • I am finally back to my MBA starting weight ~55 kg (~122 lbs), which means to-date I have lost about 5 kg!  From this point on, I don’t think I have much more I can lose so it really is all about the toning up for me.
  • Starting to notice more definition in my arms from Muay Thai
  • I have dropped a pant (trousers for you Brits out there) size


  • Really been enjoying Pole Dancing classes since the new year!  It’s such a rush when you finally manage to successfully do a new move and makes all the bruises you get from it worth it.  Although I am far from being graceful on the pole, I’m still quite proud of how far I have come and I highly recommend getting a bottle of Dry Hands if you are interested in getting into it!
  • I recently got myself a blender and have started to make myself morning smoothies or Acai bowls as a healthy and cheaper way to start the day.
  • Tiger Balm and Salonpas patches were some of the things I picked up in Thailand to help relief some of soreness I got from working out.  They are absolutely magical!  After a long and hard workout, a sauna break and a good shower this is exactly what I need to end a workout.  The menthol smell and the hot/cold sensation it gives just makes me feel better.p1060225

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