London Eats | Sketch Afternoon Tea in the Pink Room

Looking for an afternoon tea place to check out in London?  My dad came to visit me in London, so I thought I should show him some of the English traditions with a little bit of a twist.

I had heard amazing things about Sketch Afternoon Tea and the pink room’s ambiance, so I was quite excited to try it out.  The room is painted pink and pink seating, thus the pink room, and lined with odd sketches (that my dad really enjoyed.)

Price: £50 / person

Since it was the holiday season, the entrance was decorated with pine trees and fake snow.


We proceeded down a flight of stairs and passed another adorable room before proceeding to the pink room, with beautifully high ceilings, where a hostess greeted us and lead us to our seats.


My favorite part, besides of course the tea and food, were actually the adorable dining set with different things written on them, especially the sugar cup with “it’s not ok” and “it’s ok” on it. So adorable!


Probably one of the most expensive Afternoon Tea experiences I have had, but I really enjoyed the whole experience. As it was close to the holidays, we were having the Night before Christmas special menu that include your refillable choice of tea and finger foods.


  • Corn-fed coronation chicken
  • Smoked salmon and Jacob’s tarragon cream
  • American pumpernickel bread, tomato chutney, and turnip
  • Comté cheese croque-monsieur
  • Egg and mayonnaise, quail egg, caviar

Plain Scone or Sultana served with cornish clotted cream, fig and strawberry organic jams

Battenberg Cakes – chocolate or raspberry

Petits gateaux

  • Mandarin and cinnamon cheesecake
  • Walnet Tart
  • Praline choux
  • Chocolate and caramel gáteau (This was by far my favorite dessert!!)
  • Malabar marshmallow


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