Phuket Eats – Patong | Briley Chicken Rice

After several failed attempts at finding good non-touristy places to eat we finally decided to check out one of the recommended eats from the Lonely Planet guide.  It did not let us down, not only was it filled with locals, it was super cheap and tasty!


This is one of those hole in the walls that specialize in a few dishes and boy do they do them well.  They essentially serve some combination of chicken/red pork over rice with unlimited refills of the chicken soup.


Prices were spectacularly cheap at ฿50 for a small dish to ฿‎60 for the large and ฿20 for coffee or Thai iced tea.  Honestly the sizes  of the dishes were pretty similar, but it’s a small point for a full meal that cost us less than $5 for 2 people and was one of the tastiest meals we had on the trip.


Both times we were there around noon and they had already run out of half their menu including the mango sticky rice.  We ended up getting the half-and-half chicken and red pork and each type of meat came with its own sauce.  Would have really loved to have tried the sold out items as they are clearly the most popular, so if you want these go well before noon!


The Thai iced tea was also one of the better ones we had as it was a reasonable size and not too sweet.


We ended up stopping by here both times we were in Patong and neither times did it fail us.  So if you are sick of the typical overpriced tourist restaurants that litter the Patong beach area, try this place out!

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