Fleur de Force by Eylure | Brow Palette & Brow Tamer

I’ve been a follower of the UK beauty YouTuber and blogger Fleur de Force for a long time and have been a big fan of her line of lashes with Eylure that came out a while back.  So when she announced she was also doing brow products, I thought why not?  I was out of brow gel anyways so picked up the brow palette and brow tamer in medium at a trip to boots.

Brow Palette: £12

I’ve been using Anastasia brow products for a while now, so quite curious as to how these compare, especially since these are honestly not that much cheaper (~£17 for Anastasia’s Brow Powder Duo)!  I do have to note that you get way more bang for you buck with Fleur’s set with the duo brow powder AND the highlighter.


The palette came in a typical packaging in-line with the eylure brand and the Fleur de Force collaboration.  The palette itself is in a nice practical and sturdy plastic with a clear plastic cover, but is nothing special.  You get 2 decently sized circular pans of product, 1 is divided in half with 2 brow colours and the other is the highlight.


I choose the medium colour for a softer brow looked, but I do think the colours are a bit to warm for me as you can see in the photos at the end of the post.

The brow powders are all quite pigmented and smooth, but I did notice that the highlight powder is just a tad bit more chalky.  Overall the powders are nice and really enjoyed having 2 colours to work with to give my brows a bit more dimension.

Brow Tamer: £12

I also used to the Anastasia’s brow gel, which cost a whooping £16.50, and Benefit’s Gimme Brow, which was a nice £20.  Fleur’s brow tamer is essentially both of those products combined into 1 dual ended product for a much more reasonable price, so I was pretty excited to try it out.


This came in a similar packaging style to the palette.  The product itself feels and looks nicer to me than the palette though, which may have to do with just the nature of the product makes it easier to make it look nicer.  On one end you get the clear brow gel and on the other a tinted gel.


The clear brow gel is probably my favorite part of this product.  The wand is a not too big or small applying just the right amount of product to the brows without making it crunchy.

The tinted gel is a nice colour for me as it is just enough to tiny my brows lightly.  However, although I do like the idea of the small brush, this one just isn’t ass good as the Benefit gimme brow one.  Although small, the end doesn’t tapper to a nice point and doesn’t have enough bristles in the brush so its difficult to apply the right amount of product where I want it.  For the price I don’t mind working with it.


I really enjoyed both products and think you are getting really good value for the price.  I will definitely continue to use the Brow Tamer, but I have a feeling the palette will find a new home with someone soon, as the colour just isn’t quite right for me.

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