Annual Girls Holiday | Spanish Food Adventures

Every year for the last 5 years, my best girl friends from uni would do holiday somewhere.  It started quite small with NYC and then Vegas, but then we started expanding to Maui and then last year visiting me in London.  This year was no exception and we did essentially a food tour around Spain!

I spent a 5 days in Barcelona with the larger group of girls and then Kim and I continued to Andalucia for another week of wine and dine-ing after a brief stop in London to attend a class.

Of course we got up to more than just eating all the jamón and tapas we could find.  In Barcelona there were all the famous Gaudi things to see and in Andalucia we, of course, had to check out the famous UNESCO World Heritage Site, Alhambra.

Check out my time in Spain in photos.

Gaudi’s Casa Batlló with the whole crew
Gaudi’s Park Güell 
Gaudi’s never-finished masterpiece La Sagrada Familia
Granada | Starting off the day right with some breakfast and day planning
The view of Granada
Skipping ridiculously through the rose gardens in Alhambra
Enjoying the view from all the windows
Alhambra – Still beautiful at night
Cordoba | We were so lucky to be around when the Patios Festival was going on
Cordoba at night
Eslava | I could eat more plates of these at any time
Plaza Espana Seville
My usual state – Sangria and Tapas
My artsy shot of the day | Alcazar Seville
Did you know that males are Peacocks, females are Peahens and chicks are Peachicks?
Seville at night

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