Journey to Scotland

Scotland has been on my bucket-list of destinations I’ve always always wanted to go to.  All those stunning photographs of picturesque castles, rolling hills and sea views were just calling to me.  After my project finished at the beginning of May, my partner and I booked a last minute long weekend holiday; destination Scotland!

It was a 4 nights and 4 full day adventure where we got to hit explore Edinburgh and then up to the highland’s Isle of Skye.


I always imagined Edinburgh to have an old charm to it with the castle high up overlooking the city and lots of historic buildings lining many of the streets.  From a higher view point, I loved how flat everything was with points from buildings and monuments popping up and Edinburgh Castle overlooking it all from the centre.


Unfortunately clouds rolled in by late afternoon on our main day of exploring and stayed there for the rest of our time in Edinburgh.  I had originally planned to visit Arthur’s seat in hopes of seeing a sunset over the city.  We had beautiful weather for the rest of the trip, so guess I can’t complain!

Singleton Whiskey of Glen Ord

Before heading straight for Isle of Skye, we took a little detour to a Whiskey distillery called Glen Ord, which produces Singleton for the Asian market.  Who doesn’t want a 10:30 AM tasting to start the day?

I had the opportunity to try all 4 of their whiskey’s as well as take home a little tasting glass gift.  If you like whiskey, this place is not as well known, but I think it’s worth the trip.  They also have a well stocked tasting bar if you want try some other whiskeys for pretty reasonable prices.


Isle of Skye

There were so many sheep!  Look how cute they are.

This isle is just stunning, especially on these clear spring days.  The very first day we pretty much drove around the northern tip of the island, visiting Old Man of Storr.  If you plan on going up to the viewing point, be prepared for about 2 hrs round trip from the base.  It’s completely worth it, but we did run into a few people who thought it would be a 10-15 min walk up.


Since we visited during May, the days were so long, I don’t think it every fully became dark, but it meant for some epic sunsets with sheep and farmlands.  I honestly could have sat on a porch sipping some whiskey and playing some boardgames watching the sun set over 5 hrs.

Neist Lighthouse is another must see spot.  It’s not a bad idea to get up early and visit to avoid all the people who are bound to show up.  From the parking lot it’s about a mile walk to the lighthouse, but it’s also worth to go off to the right and view the lighthouse from a distance.  It was also a great spot for me to take my drone for a spin.

I’m pretty in love with Scotland right now, but would love to hear more suggestions on where to visit next time!


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