Meet my pups Ada and Sato

As a kid I dreamed of having a house filled with dogs, like at the end of the movie 101 Dalmatians and that even carried over to wanting to grow up to be a veterinarian. Obviously unrealistic to have so many dogs running around and probably darn expensive and I also learned pretty quickly I was allergic to most animals (cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, horses, and the list goes on). The dream to have dogs never died though, and at 30 that dream finally came true. Not one pup, but two!

Our very first day with Sato and Ada

If you follow me on my instagram, you will have seen the stories and posts about them, but I’d like to formally introduce them here on my blog.

Meet my pups Ada, the Australian Shepard, and Sato, the Bernedoodle.

When they still fit in the same bed

We’ve had these guys for about 3 months now and they are bundles of energy and love, but also can be pains. Before anyone tells us it’s a bad idea to get two at the same time, they are obviously not from the same litter and we wanted them to have company when we are working. It’s definitely come with its challenges, but we absolutely love them and we don’t regret it one bit, especially when they run up to us after romping around with each other and have their tongues out, ears perked and couldn’t look any happier (or be more wet from each others slobber…)

Enjoy these photos I’ve collected over the last few months of these little rascals.

First day exhaustion

Sleepy Puppies

Road Trips

Playtime at home

I haven’t started an IG account for them and not sure I should, but in the meantime find more of Sato and Ada on my instagram!

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