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This was one of my top-of-list purchases I wanted to try when I was visiting Korea back in March and it definitely lived up to the expectation.  Clean it Zero is a cleansing balm that starts off a light almost whipped textured solid and melts into a silky oil from the warmth of your hands.  It completely dissolves and removes even the most stubborn of my long-lasting waterproof makeup and leaves my skin feeling clean, residue-free, and most importantly not stripped.

Price: 25,000 원

Size: 180 ml

The papaya extract in the ingredients is meant to gently exfoliate your skin without the use of harsh beads, while also cleaning and tightening your pores.

The product comes in a plastic tub that is lightweight, typical of cleansing balms.  The super-sized version includes a spatula that can be stored on top of the insert that prevents the product from sticking to the lid.  I love this little feature as I am less likely to loose or accidentally drop the spatula on the dirty floor when not in use.

I loved it enough to go back with a friend to buy a few extra backups of the original version. There are however a total 4 formulas offered for different needs.  In my purchase of backups I was given a few deluxe sample sizes of the other formulas, which I have yet to try, but have given the descriptions to below:

  • clean it zero radiance (grey) – designed for dry skin
  • clean it zero ‘purity’ for sensitive skin (teal) – designed for sensitive skin
  • clean it zero – resveratrol (green) – designed for oily skin

p1000249 p1000250 p1000253 p1000254 p1000255


p1000257 p1000261

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