London Eats | Rök Smokehouse & Bar (Angel) Review

It was flatmate dinner night when we stumbled upon Rök Smokehouse & Bar in Angel.  We already had a booking down the road, but this place had peaked our interested so we switched it up.

The restaurant is small and only has about 8-10 tables with an open kitchen.  They seem to change their menu often depending on the season, so although the menu has changed a bit since I was there a few weeks ago.  On the food: the starters were delicious, the mains cooked perfectly, the sides delicious, and the dessert was perfection.

Our waiter Josh, who was just amazing, suggested we get a scallop per person as it was a) too small to share, but mainly b) too good to share.  He was absolutely right, it was delicious.

I also highly suggest their ice cream dessert which is made in-house.  Ours was the pale ale peanut butter with chocolate mousse.  This was by far one of my favorite  parts of the meal.  It was just the right amount of sweet and the peanut butter was not overpowering.

Check out the pictures below for everything we tried!  (Apologies for the 1 blurry picture.  By the time I realised, all the food had been devoured!)

Scallop in the shell with ndjua & british seaweed (£8)
Duck with pickled girolles & bacon lingonberry jam (£
Beef with cow’s curd & soft herb vinegar (£18)
Chicken (£16)
Pork with pickled granny smith & sauerkraut (£14)
Burnt sweet potato with horseradish crème fraîche (£5)
Preserved tomato salad with fermented barley & stale bread (£6)
Blackened cabbage with nori rice, macadamia & västerbottensost (£6)
40ft Pale Ale peanut butter ice cream & dark chocolate mousse (£6)

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