Acne Patches

I’ve never had a huge problem with acne, but occasionally I will get breakouts.  On top of that it’s always been hard for me to stop myself from touching, scratching, and poking at it until it goes away.  My solution: acne patches.

These were introduced to me by my Taiwanese friends in uni that would wear them whenever they had pimples.  Although I found it odd to be wearing them during the day, I was extremely intrigued so I bought some next time I was in Taiwan and it was one of the best purchases I have ever made.

There are several brands in Asia that do these, but I typically buy the NexCare branded ones that could be found in almost any convenience store or beauty store in Asia.  The patches come in different sizes and shapes and are sealed on a clear plastic sheet.  Usually the box will also contain plastic tweezers to cleanly remove the patch from the sheet and place on the pimple.

How they work? After cleansing, you peel a patch off the sheet and cover the pimple.  I also usually press it down and allow a couple minutes for it to properly stick to the skin and then proceed with my usual skincare process, careful to pat in the areas with the patches.  In the morning, you will see the patch will have gone from clear to white.  The white is all the pus that the patch has absorbed from the pimple.  Usually my pimples are less painful heal quicker with less scarring, if any.

I absolutely love these patches and have introduced them to many of my friends who also now swear by them.


Freshly applied acne patch
In the morning

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