2016 | 3 Peaks Challenge

Another hiking trip!  This time I challenged myself to complete the 3 peaks challenge, which involved climbing the 3 highest peaks in England, Wales, and Scotland in under 24 hours!

With a group of ~68 people we spent a night in Fort William to prepare before beginning the challenge first thing in the morning with our first hike: Ben Nevis in Scottland (1,345m).  Then a 6-7 hour drive to Scafell Pike in England (978m) for a hike in the dark with head torches.  And finally another 3-4 hour drive to Snowden in Wales (1,085m).

Hiking times:

  1. Ben Nevis: 5hr 15min
  2. Scafell Pike: 3hr 40min
  3. Snowden: 4hrs 20min

Total mountain time:  13hrs 15min

The experience was exhausting both mentally and physically, but absolutely fulfilling and rewarding.  There were points in time where I was in pain and at the verge of crying, but my teammates encouraged me to push on and I am so thankful they did.


Drive to Fort William from Glasgow
LBS Challenge Group shot before setting off
MBA 2017 Strem E
Quick break before the summiting Ben Nevis
Team 1 Ben Nevis Summit! 1/3 peaks down
Ray-ban sunnies selfie!
Ben Nevis summit: taking in the view
Ben Nevis Summit: 1 down, 2 more to go
Scafell Pike Summit: 2 down, 1 more to go!
Scafell Pike: fairies in the night
Snowden Summit: All 3 complete!  Just the descent left
Snowden: lovely conditions and great view…
Snowden: a quick celebration
Snowden: back down we go
Snowden: crack of dawn start
Snowden: Did we walk that far already?


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