the SAEM | Snail Essential EX Deep Cleansing Foam

Another one of my cheeky purchases during my trip to Seoul.  It takes me ages to run out of cleanser, so I was pretty happy to finally get to try a new one.  A friend also bought a tube of this during the trip and a 2nd after trying it, which  solidified my “need” to get one as well.

Price: 15,000 원 (~$15 USD)

Size: 150 ml

The PackagingThe product comes in a gold colored tube like many other cleansers.  It is very hygienic and easy to squeeze to get the product out.  150 ml will last me ages, even using day and night, so pretty happy for for the value for price here.

The Product: For some reason I love foaming cleansers even though the foam is not indicative of it’s ability to actually clean my skin.  This cleanser is extremely creamy and I typically use it with my Foreo mini which only requires a pea sized amount to foam up a decent amount and clean my skin.

My number one favorite thing about this product is that it doesn’t leave my skin feeling stripped afterwards, but rather leaves it soft and clean.  The only issue for some is that it does not remove eye makeup well and also stings to get into the eyes.  So I would suggest to use a proper makeup remover prior to cleansing.

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