Diptyque Paris | Do Son Eau de Parfume

My fragrance collection in the last year has really grown, particularly with more high-end products and this one is no exception.  Always a sucker for a good floral perfume, Diptyque’s Do Son is absolutely a beautiful, yet seductive scent.

Price: £95

Size: 75ml

Notes: Tuberose, Orange Leaves, Pink Peppercorn, Musk

I somehow had a small sample of this in my travel stash and decided to bring it along during my snowboard trip to Val Thorens last year and to no surprise, fell in love with the scent.  Only recently after a stressful month of recruiting did I decide to treat myself to it and was even lucky enough to buy the special edition bottle.  The image is created to be more 3D by putting the further away elements on the back of the bottle.

Do Son is a creamy, sweet and fresh floral scent.  It is not as typically clean and crisp that I go for, but a bit more creamy thanks to the strong notes from Tuberose.  Initially the scent can be quite overpowering, but fades beautifully throughout the day.  I often catch releases of the scent off my skin or clothes that just make my smile.


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