MEDIHEAL | W.H.P. White Hydrating Charcoal-Mineral Mask

Masks are such an essential part of my skincare routine.  I have always enjoyed masks I could get my hands on from Asia, but in the last few years Korean masks have really taken the market.  A Korean friend of mine gave me a couple of these to try, and I absolutely fell in love with them and brought a few boxes back when I made my way over to Seoul.

At about $20 a box (10 per box), these masks are in the middle price range, but worth every penny.  It is meant to help whiten (this can sometimes mean brighten as well) and hydrate the skin.

First off, the mask is charcoal/black, so don’t be surprised when you open it!  The material feels thicker and stays moist with the product for longer.  Otherwise the mask is similar to others and has openings for you eyes, nose and mouth.  For me it it fits my face pretty well and I have no issues with it slipping off.

The instructions say to leave this on for about ~15-20 minutes before removing the mask.  Honestly, I put this on probably closer to ~40 minutes as I usually watch a tv show while pampering myself.  I instantly felt a cooling sensation on my skin immediately and throughout wearing the mask.  After removal I pat the remaining product into my skin.

Every time I have used this my skin feels baby soft and plump, so thumbs up on the hydration element!  I don’t necessarily notice any whitening, but my skin does seem more clear and bright, but  I have also not used this consistently enough (i.e. 2-3 per week for a month as per the instructions) to say that it does actually whiten.

All-in-all this is currently one of my favorite sheet masks in my stash and I think I might resupply myself during my trip to Seoul next month!

What are your holy-grail masks on the market?


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