Rituals | Shower Foam Review

These have been hands down my favorite body wash to use for over a year now.  A brand that is relatively new to Americans, but it seems pretty well established across the pond.  I received the Yogi Flow scent for the first time in a subscription box and fell in love with it.

Although definitely not cheap, Rituals is in the mid-tier range of home and body products.  But lets stay on track, their Shower Foams are to-die for.  At £8.50 a bottle you will feel clean and smell amazing.

The product comes out as a gel that turns into a silky foam with a bit of water.  As the gel transfers into a foam, a little goes a long way, but the luxurious suds and scent it gives off may make you want to pump a little extra.

It just leaves my skin feeling nourished and clean that I even carry a mini of this product around to the gym and for traveling.  My flatmate is now obsessed with the brand and has even bought it for as gifts.

My favorite scents from the range are: Yogi Flow, The Ritual of the Dao and Hammam Delight.


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