London Eats | Bone Daddies – Shackfuyu

Bone Daddies is famous for it’s Japanese ramen (which I still have yet to try), but they have also opened up 2 other restaurants: Flesh & Buns and Shackfuyu.  I loved Flesh & Buns, so had to try their Shackfuyu out too!  This restaurant serves izakaya western-inspired Japanese dishes.

I decided to use my dad as an excuse to try this place out, which is located in Soho.  The restaurant itself is quite spacious and modern with both booths and tables, but I wouldn’t say I loved the ambiance.

Overall the food was well put together, but also a tad bit on the salty side, but I will give a special shout out to the dessert, that was delicious!  As I wasn’t in a rush it wasn’t too big of a deal, but he service was quite slow and it was difficult to get a servers attention.

I wasn’t really blown away by this place, but it’s not bad.  Now I just really need to go to the original Bone Daddies and get a ramen-fix!


  • Kyuuri-Yuzu (dark rum, yuzu sake, fresh lime, cucumber and mint) – I’m always a sucker for something with yuzu, especially if it’s refreshing.
  • Bone Daddies Cider – this was my dad’s drink of choice and it wasn’t that sweet for a cider.  So in my books I liked it!


  • Aubergine – 4 miso – bubu arare
  • Wagyu beef tartar – peppered prawn crackers
  • Korean fried wings
  • Hot stone rice – sesame – chilli – beef
  • Grilled monkfish tail – black pepper ponzu
  • Kinako french toast with green tea soft serve ice cream

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