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Korean beauty has been a huge trend the last several years.  Even my own current skincare routine is inspired by their crazy 11-step routine, with mostly of Korean products.  In honour of my trip to Korea this month, I thought I would review another K-beauty cult product I had brought back with me earlier this year.

Price: $38 – 50ml at Sephora

belif was one of first K-beauty brands introduced to Sephora.  A limited selection of the products was released and the Aqua Bomb was one the best sellers.  This product is a gel type cream formulated with Lady’s Mantle that product description claims is  known as “a women’s hydrating herb.” It does have a variety of uses, including having astringent properties, but hydration was not one I was able to find when looking it up.


My combination skin absolutely loves how hydrating yet lightweight this moisturiser is.  The gel-cream texture/formula quickly absorbs into the skin, while also providing a slight cooling effect.  It also smooths my skin slightly and acts as a wonderful base for makeup.


I apply this as one of the last steps in my skincare routine in the morning.  Taking a small spatula full of the product I dot it onto my face and lightly pat into my skin.  I’ve been using it now for about a month and have barely made a dent!  A little goes a long way with this product (mine is an extra-large 100 ml tub.)


Aqua bomb has been great for my skin and would highly recommend it for people with oily or combination skin and looking for a lightweight moisturiser.

Interested in more from this brand? I have also reviewed Belif’s First Aid-360 Eye Care Mask!

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3 thoughts on “belif | The True Cream Aqua Bomb

  1. I wish Sephora would add more Korean brands commonly used in Korea, most of the brands they have are just small and not used by the general population. I did like this cream though, mainly use it at night. Nice post!

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