2016 | A Cuba Roadtrip

One of the greatest perks of the MBA has been having the time to travel and have your very international network show you around their hometown!  This trip took me to the Cuba, a land that is a picturesque country frozen in the image of the 1950s with old cars rolling around everywhere.

I don’t speak a lick of Spanish, but I was lucky enough to have a Cuban classmate show myself and a few other girl friends her home country.  It was a week of lots of of sight seeing, eating and drinking.  The drinks were incredibly cheap and we definitely took advantage of it.

We started off exploring Havana and hit up loads of the restaurants and a bit of the music scene, but sadly had a hard time finding a salsa club for some dancing.  Next up was Cienfuegos, where my friend’s uncle was kind enough to show us around.  Trinidad, our next stop, was probably my favorite as it was the cleanest and everything seemed to be better maintained.  Finally, we spent closed out the trip with 2 days on the beach in an all-inclusive resort in Cayo.

It was an amazing way to escape the London cold and go somewhere completely different than anything I was used to.  It was honestly 10 days of living in the moment (internet was incredibly hard to find and also slow).  Although not as cheap as I thought it would have been, definitely a lovely experience.

See all my highlights below!

Streets of Havana
Cooling off with some beers
Enjoying one of many sunsets!
Cienfuegos sunsets
Got a beautiful view of the moon from dinner
Mini-hike to some waterfalls
Getting to the highest tower in Trinidad
Lovely view of the city
The girls
Can’t tell you how much I love my camera’s filters…
A little music (and mojitos) never hurt anyone
Trinidad hike to the falls
Went for a little swim to cool off in this pool
Finally…beach time! (Cayo)
Best way to end an amazing holiday


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