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My first time in Jeju was a bit miserably rainy and cold, but there was one particular surprise highlight that made it all better.  It was our last food stop before heading straight to the airport and it was a small little hidden restaurant in Yeog-dong.

We arrived right as they re-opened for the day at 4pm and had a bit of trouble finding it.  This little store had maybe 8 small tables and walls full of hand-written menu items, which were all in Korean and of course not a single person spoke English. But it was a good sign when it was quickly filled with locals even though it was an odd hour to eat.

Address: 262-10 Yeon-dong, Cheju, Jeju-do

The recommendation in the winter is to get Yellowtail Kingfish Sashimi (bang-uh), which we had to use a picture on our phone to order.  As we were waiting we were served what were I think some cooked anchovies in a red sauce, kimchi, a random plate of french fries and fried fish, and a bottle of soju.

A some point in time a man carrying a very large (and still moving!) fish to a hidden counter next to our table.  I got to watch him skillfully remove the bones and fillet the fish and arrange the sashimi pieces on a plate, which we then were served.

The waitress explained the different cuts we had on our plate and how to eat them by drawing a picture on the back of our order form.

From what I gathered we had 3 cuts: abdomen (darker red), upper abdomen (larger white pieces with some red), and back meat (chunks of white meat).

This place was such a highlight on my trip that I would recommend it to anyone who is visiting Jeju in the winter!  To our surprise and joy our meal for the two of us came to ₩51,000, which is equivalent to about $40. We definitely boarded our flight back to Seoul with a smile on our faces and very happy stomachs.

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