Etude House | Dr. Mascara Fixer Super Longlash

I picked this up during my recent trip to Korea after watching meejmuse GRWM Etude House video.  It’s my first time using a mascara primer, but I’m willing to try anything that helps my sad lashes maintain a curl.

Price: $7.80

Product: Etude House | Dr. Mascara Fixer Super Longlash

This mascara primer is meant to be a waterproof gel formula that contains black food extracts to condition the lashes and micro fibers to add length.


The packaging is a squeeze tube and the wand is slightly curved to better fit the contour of your lashes.  Although nothing too special, it gets the job done.


Although my first lash primer I’ve used, I am absolutely loving what it does.  This product keeps my lashes curled all day even after I’ve removed my makeup for the day I can still see a pretty defined curl.  I’m not sure if I see the length difference from the fibers, it does seem to give me fuller lashes.


All-in-all I am pretty in love with this product and if you are in the US Etude House is quite easy to get a hold of and it’s not bank breaking.


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