Artis | Elite Oval 7 Brush

There has been so much hype around the Artis brushes in the last year and so many dupes popping up everywhere I really wanted to try one out.  I finally bit the bullet, did a bit of research and got one!

Price: £48 (it seems the price has since gone up in the last few weeks to £62!)

Product: Artis Brush Elite Mirror Oval 7


This brush is so pricey that it was hard to justify buying it, but at the same time I really wanted to try one out.  I can’t believe that the price has now increased so much since just a few weeks ago when I purchased mine.  Although there are plenty of dupes around, I really wanted to try the original and see what the hype was all about.

It almost kind of looks like a toy hair brush for kids. This odd shaped brush has extremely densely packed bristles and is very soft which prevents it from taking up too much liquid (if you are applying foundation).  The handle itself feels a bit plastic-y and a bit cheap which is a disappointment given the price tag.


Although it took a bit of getting used to the application, I absolutely loved how quick and easy this was to use and how flawless the application.  I was quite surprised when my usual one pump of foundation I use was too much.  The brush really made my product go a long way.


I’m really happy with my purchase and would love to get around to trying some of their eye brushes when I’m feeling up for another splurge.

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