Guerlain | L’Or Radiance Concentrate Pure Gold Base

After trying the Guerlain Lingerie de Peau Foundation I really wanted to try their famous gold primer.  Probably one of the most expensive primers I own and have tried, but Guerlain products always entice me to buy them when I past them in a store.

Price: £47

Product: Guerlain L’Or Radiance Concentrate Pure Gold Base


Just looking at the packaging makes me smile.  The bottle is in the same style bottle as the Lingerie de Peau foundation with the only difference being that the cap has inverted colours and the pump is gold rather than black.


As the name of the product implies and as you can see in the product itself, this primer contains 24-carat gold flakes in a gel formula.  It has a light perfumed floral scent that is noticeable upon application, but fades quickly for me.


I use about half or a full pump to cover my whole face and gently apply in the centre of my face and work outwards and wait a little bit before applying my foundation.  As it is a gel formula it has a slight cooling effect and quickly sinks into the skin.  I don’t notice any tightening effects, but my skin does feel smooth and hydrated.


The primer created a beautiful base and allowed my foundation to apply smoother and gave it a more flawless look to my skin. This combined with the Lingerie de Peau is my new favorite base combination and I’m obsessed with how good my skin looks!


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