Marrakech Eats | Cafe Clock Cooking Class

I’ve been in a cooking frenzie lately and absolutely loved my experience in Thailand at Silom Cooking School, so of course my friends and I got another lesson in the local cuisine in Morocco!  Cafe Clock is both a cafe and cooking school that attracts the foreigner crowd, which was apparently opened by a Brit.

Cafe Clock is located less than 10 minutes from the Medina (walled part of the Marrakech) and is a 3 floors cafe with the 2nd floor being a rooftop area as well as where the cooking class takes place.

The class is 600 Dirham (~ £48) and begins aroud 10am where they seat you in the rooftop area and serve you with any of the cafe drinks (included in the price of the cooking class).  The chef will then give you an introduction while you enjoy your drinks and then choose which starters, main and dessert you want to learn to cook.


After choosing our dishes (carrot salad, harira soup, lamb tangia, and Morroccon macaroons) we went out to the local market to learn about and buy ingredients.  You can even pick up some spices to take home if any take your fancy! Then back to the cafe to make our meals.


The ‘kitchen’ is located on one side of the rooftop and fits about 6-8 people comfortably. We were taught about some of the history of each dish and collectively cooked a family style meal rather than individual portions.

These dishes took quite a long time to prep and cook, so we didn’t finish cooking until around 2:30-3pm when we were served our hard earned meal in the cafe!

We sat down with another round of drinks (loved their mint lemonade and the almond milk shake was to die for) and our meal beautifully platted for us.

I am going to take a bit of break from Moroccan food for a little while, but It was a lovely experience and definitely recipes I would love to cook for groups of people.  Highly recommend to check this place out if you have the time!



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