2017 | Marrakech and the Sahara Desert

It’s been a little while since I’ve taken a long weekend trip, so I was quite excited to do a 5-day trip to Marrakech and the Sahara desert with a group of 8.  It took me a good full day after landing in Marrakech to realise that I was in Africa!

We did a lot of wandering around the Souks and generally sight seeing.  It was definitely an interesting experience walking around the Medina as many locals shouted out at us ‘Chinese? Japanese? Ni Hao! Konnichiwa!’ or other calls.

My favorite part of the trip was definitely going out to the Sahara.  I had never seen real sand dunes before so I was quite excited.  Seeing the dunes for the first time felt oddly nostalgic, yet I had never seen sand dunes before.  My friend and I stayed up afterwards to stargaze and just enjoy the quietness that settled around us; it was absolutely amazing.

Lastly, before boarding out flight, we did a cooking class, learning how to make some traditional Moroccan food!  Check out my post on Clock Cafe Cooking School!

I can probably do without eating Tagine for a while, but it was an amazing trip and would love to go back to Morocco one day and check out other parts of the country.


Spending the morning at Ben Youssef Madrasa

Whole gang has arrived, so time for Cafe Arabe!

Enjoying the beautiful colours of Le Jardin Majorelle

Aït Ben Haddou, where Gladiator was filmed!

Breezy ~

Be free ~

Our colourful accommodations in the desert

Found this little guy wandering around the sand dunes

I feel so cool!

Ready to go for a camel ride

Selfie with the camel

A breathtaking sunset

Starry starry night ~

Time to learn to cook all the food we ate

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