2017 Spring Break | Beach time in Bali

I’m back from my month away and I’m back with my last photo diary of my spring break trip!  Last stop on my spring break trip was a 10-day trip to Indonesia, 2 days in Jakarta and 8 days in Bali.  No better way to end a month-long holiday by spending a week and a half unwinding and getting all my needed Vit D.

After some pretty packed schedules and non-stop tours, my friend and I ready were ready for some real down time on the beach.

I also got some great videos on my gopro throughout the trip, but still working on editing it!  In the meantime check out what we got up to in Indonesia in photos!

Fresh juice at dinner after a day at the beach
Screen Shot 2017-04-23 at 23.59.57
Such a graceful creature
Felt like I was diving in a aquarium
Asian palm civet that eat coffee beans and poo them out for some delicious coffee
Trying local balinese coffee
Monkey forest!
Hanging with the monkeys!
Ubud rice paddies
Tanah Lot
How most of my trip was spent…


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