rubis | Twist Nail Clippers and Swiss Cross Slant Tweezers

I was looking for a new pair of tweezers and remembered a YouTuber talking about the brand rubis, so I thought I would check it out.  If you thought Tweezerman’s tweezers are expensive, wait until you check these out!  While I was shopping I stumbled upon the nail clippers and thought I would pick them up too.

When they first arrived from cult beauty, I was in awe.  Both items were beautifully packaged in almost a display case made of clear plastic (unfortunately I threw them away before taking a photo).  I definitely felt like I was getting a premium product.  Nothing less from a Swiss brand.

Product: Rubis Swiss Cross Slant Tweezers

Price: £22.50


New tweezers always make me happy because of sharp and precise they feel and the rubis tweezers are amazing in these aspects.  I actually gave myself a little cut not realising how sharp they were the first time I used them.  This little guy is incredibly precise and able to pluck out any hairs no matter how short or how thin they are.

Although pricey, I absolutely love how well they work and don’t think I will be needing a replacement for quite a while.  I got mine in gold, which has a beautiful semi-matte finish, but there are plenty of other colours to choose from as well the pointed style tweezers.

Product: Rubis Twist Nail Clippers

Price: £28.50


I haven’t had a nice nail clipper before and saw how neat the design was on the nail clippers and had to have it.  The clipper is designed with what’s called a Rubis Twist, which is what drew me in.  Similar to the tweezers, it is in a semi-matte gunmetal silver finish and feels quite weighted as it is made from stainless steel.


The clippers took a little while to get used to and I wasn’t initially a fan of the Rubis Twist for practicality, but it grew on me as I used it more.  The main thing I noticed was how easily it sliced through my nails.  I’ve definitely noticed I have gotten less splitting and fracturing of my nails from cutting and my I’ve had less broken nails!


Both products took me by surprise and I’m glad I decided to splurge out the money for these guys.  I’ve got to give it to the Swiss for making such quality products.


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