NYC Eats Midtown | Sakagura

Hello!  After a long hiatus I’m back and I missed you guys!  I thought I would come back with a food review since all I’ve been doing eating my weight in food in NYC.  Promise I’ll give a bit of a life update soon!

It’s been cold and NYC and all I want to eat is noodles and one of my favourite cuisines to hit up is of course, Japanese!  My boyfriend was in town with me and we decided to try a new place by my hotel called Sakagura.  It happens to be next to Soba Totto, a place I’ll talk about next time.

The store front is a bit inconspicuous as the entrance leads to a basement, a bit dodgy, but then opens up into the open space that is the restaurant with a bar on left side and even more seating in the back.

Price: $$-$$$ (I wouldn’t say this is average price, but it’s also not THAT expensive)

We ended up sitting at the bar where they had all these amazing looking Japanese sake and whiskeys.  Unfortunately I am doing a dry month, so guess I’ll need to make a trip back sometime!  They would decorate the iceboxes with fresh flowers they would reuse after the guests were done, which I think is a nice eco friendly touch.

We started off with a seasonal special – Miyazaki beef, which is actually considered higher quality beef than Kobe, so my boyfriend couldn’t resist and had to order some (look how happy he is!)  And you know what, it was pretty darn amazing.  Just look at that beautiful striations in the meat.  On top of that we got the experience cooking it on a hot stone with some salt, wasabi and ponzu sauce for dipping.


Also ordered one of my personal favourite in Japanese cuisine – buta no kakuni – braised pork belly.  Nothing special to look at, but was delicious and just melted in your mouth with just enough sweetness in it.

Finally, my my main dish the hot “inaniwa” udon.  I was pretty surprised that the noodles were very thin and not the thick ones I am used to.  A very simple dish with a lemon slice was exactly what I need on such a cold day.

Yaki Sanma Onigiri was my boyfriend’s main dish.  A rice seasoned and cooked with vegetables wrapped with grilled pike mackerel.   Too fish for my liking, but he seemed to enjoy it.  I did however eat a good chunk of the ginger.

Last, but certainly not least dessert.  I couldn’t resist when I saw the black sesame creme brulee, definitely my all-time favourite dessert flavor and boy did it live up to my expectations.  Delicious, perfectly flavoured and just filled my stomach perfectly.

Before I devoured the dessert…happy to be back and look for more food reviews from me in NYC!

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