San Jose Eats | The Breakfast Club

All I did for my 5 days in Bay Area was eat and chill and one of my favourite places I stuffed myself with was a popping brunch place in San Jose called The Breakfast Club.  My friend and I tried to come here the day before and there was at least an hour wait, so we came back on another day when we had more time.  Keep reading to see why I loved it so much!

Check their website out here!

We returned on a Monday late morning in hopes that the line would shorter since people have to work right?  Wrong…still a 30 minute wait at 12:30pm.  At least you can put your number down, take a wander around and they will text you when you’re next in line.  So naturally I found the nearest playground and did a little photoshoot for my yoga challenge poses.

This place definitely had a hipster brunch place with chilled out vibes; lots of young people having good food and company.  Definitely a perfect place for a casual morning or afternoon catch-up one-on-one, or even with larger groups.

Onto the food!  If you couldn’t tell from the main photo, I was playing with the portrait setting on my new iPhone X!  Loved how it blurs out the background and just makes the chicken and waffles I got look as mouth-watering as it was.  The chicken was so perfectly crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside.

My friend ordered the steak Benedict, which was a monster as you can see below.  he managed to finish the whole thing, but he definitely started struggling around 2/3 of the way through it.  I am always a sucker for a good Benedict.

I am so glad we decided to come back and brave the wait for this popping brunch place.  My stomach is grumbling just looking at all these pictures as I write this.  If you’re in the San Jose area, definitely check this place out if you have some time to kill and want some good food.  Maybe even go in a bigger group so you can share a few plates!

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