London Eats | The Quince Tree Cafe

I’ve been wanting to check this place out for ages, but I am so happy I finally have!  The Quince Tree Cafe is located inside Clifton Nurseries, which basically means you get to eat surrounded by beautiful greenery and flowers in the middle of London.  You would never realise there is a restaurant hidden inside, unless you knew it was there or decided to take a stroll inside.

Clifton Nurseries is around the corner from Warwick Avenue Station and blends in with the residential housing that it is surrounded by.  You will walk through a long narrow path with plants lining the path into the main part of the nursery.   I did take a photo here trying to do a handstand, but I was so full after brunch that I couldn’t kick all the way up…haha.

We went around 11:30, and there was a short 15-20 minute queue when we arrived, which we spend strolling around the nursery.  Lots of beautiful flowers that could have been an amazing setting for some yoga shots, but I’m still a bit shy doing them in public settings.  Back to the point though, you can make reservations, which I would suggest if you don’t want to wait and want to get a better table.

If you have allergies, may be a good idea to take some allergy medication before coming as you are surrounded by beautiful plants. My boyfriend seemed absolutely miserable when his started to act up.

It was a beautifully hot day, so both of us got some fresh juices as a refreshment. One orange juice and one detox green juice…yum!  They came with the paper straws, which I know are good for the environment, but are really not that pleasant to drink from.  I personally would rather not have the straw at all.  What do you think?

I am always a sucker for savoury food, but I also do love a good sweet breakfast, so its perfect when Chris orders the sweet and I get the savoury and we can share!  We ended up ordering the pancakes with bacon, “The Scrumper,” and a side of has browns.

We were pretty starved by the time food arrived, and as you can see by the photo, I was ready to devour it.  I have a bad tendency to always order eggs royal for any brunch place, and I’m really glad I didn’t this time.  The scrumper has hummus and smashed avocados, and who can dislike either of those things?

I’m getting hungry just writing this post and may need to go out to find a place for another brunch review!  Leave in the comments what your favourite brunch food is!

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