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When I go on holiday, the most important thing to me is FOOD! I don’t mind if it’s a hole in the wall or some place nicer (maybe not too nice, cause I’m not made of money), but I love trying local food and the best a country (or city) has to offer and Malta had so many good places to choose from. There was a clear winner for me and that was Guze.

My brother did a ton of research before getting to Malta and this was at the top of his list for reasonably priced and amazing restaurants to try. We actually considered going back on our last day of trip because it was that good! But decided we should try other restaurants as well…

We were in Valletta sight seeing during the day and dropped by to make a booking just in case and it’s highly recommended you do so. It was packed within 30 minutes of getting seated at 7:30 and they were turning people away. There were only about 10 tables in a cozy space.

I would say the decor is cozy with dark wood furniture and finishing. Nothing too upscale, but still really nice. Unfortunately I was too focused on food and forgot to take a picture of the interior decor.

More importantly let’s talk about the food. With my family holidays, we do family style and order a whole bunch of different dishes so we can try a variety. We went with 3 starters, 2 main and 2 desserts. Of course we also had a bottle of local Maltese rosé.


Odyssey 2017 – Shiraz Grenache of Gozo (€17)

The whole trip we tried to stick to local wines and it seemed mostly to be rosé, which was perfect for the hot weather and all the seafood we ate. Odyssey was lovely, lightly sweep with a crisp finish for a great refreshing taste after being outside in the heat all day.


You are started with a basket of bread with sun dried tomato paste and an olive oil spread and cute portion of celery cream soup. I wish I could take some of the bread spreads home with me, they were so tasty. The celery soup I could pass on, but that’s mainly because I really (and I mean really) dislike the taste and smell of celery and this had a very strong aftertaste of it.

It might be a bit weird to do so few mains, but you have to remember pasta is considered a starter.

Starters – octopus with squid ink, boat pappardelle and truffle cream, and seafood spaghetti

Mains – fresh catch fish, and local pork degustation (pork 3 ways)

Dessert – panna cotta and chocolate soufflé

Honestly, everything was flavoured and cooked so well, I don’t think you could go wrong with what you order. The rabbit that other tables ordered also looked delicious. But my hands down favourite dish was the boar pappardelle with truffle cream. Creamy pasta with truffle too boot always wins me over.

If you’re visiting Malta, definitely check this place out! If you’ve been, I would love to hear your other recommendations of places to try!

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