EatWith Paris | Masterchef Jean Yves

One of the few planned things we had during our Parisian weekend getaway was a dinner at the home of Masterchef Jean Yves through EatWith.  EatWith is a platform where you can have a more intimate dinner experience at someone’s home, all while also meeting new people.

We signed up to a dinner by the Masterchef Jean Yves who delivered a four course Vietnamese-French fusion meal along and wine.

As we paid when we choose our host, all we needed to do was show up hungry…and that we definitely did.  Upon arrival, we were immediately served a beautiful bubbly drink that turned out to be Champaign with lychee popping bubbles and a raspberry (I think) puree/syrup.  An excellent way to start the night.

The company included ourselves (4 girls from LBS), a group of 4 French locals, a lone traveler, and a couple.

The food (from what I can remember):

  • 1st course: A take on a traditional Vietnamese spring roll, this course was to be eaten in 3 steps.
    • 1st step was a spring roll with carrots, vermicelli, chicken, and basil leaf wrapped in rice paper
    • 2nd step was a cucumber with a mint leaf
    • 3rd step was an endive leaf with chilli sauce, a slice of chilli pepper and fish sauce
  • 2nd course: Raviol filled with a prawn in a egg and water soup/sauce with 4 types of mushrooms and lavender petals
  • 3rd course: East meets West interpretation – Teriyaki Duck and zucchini cake on top of a coconut curry sauce with a cheese crisp
  • 4th course: Macaron with melon and passionfruit cream with raspberry filling, raspberry sauce and popping lychee balls on top of chocolate wafers.
  • Wine accompaniment: Les Ormes de Cambras – Cabernet Sauvignon – Pays d’Oc 2015

It was such a lovely experience to be able to sit down at a table mostly with strangers or locals and other travellers and chat while enjoying a deliciously and beautifully prepared meal.  Everyone was very open to getting to know each other including the chef.

If you haven’t tried this service yet, I highly recommend it!

Beware: the following pictures may make you hungry…

Champaign with Lychee popping bubbles and fruit syrup/puree
1st course
2nd course
My favorite…
Close-up of the duck
Main course
Wine for the evening
Group shot with the Masterchef Jean Yves in the middle!


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